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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Running coming to a track near you

It's almost 2013 but then you know that. I am walking 60-90 minutes 3-4 x a week. Most other days are around 30 minutes. My knee is on the mend. Still some residual stiffness but I mostly feel that after long periods of sitting even with my legs stretched out. My plan is to introduce some very short periods of running during my walks. When I say short, I mean (((short))). 5-10 seconds in each minute after a suitable warmup. Over January and February I'll extend the runs until they engulf the walks. Hopefully by the end of February I'll be good to go. If it takes longer, that'll be okay too. Go where (as in good to go)? I have no idea. Just being able to run again. It's been about three months since I last took a normal albeit slow jog.