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Sunday, October 30, 2011

56 and change

The goal for the workout was to do a 300 at 75 second 400 meter pace. I started by doing a 26 minute warmup including some strides.

Dimitri did his warmup and then we came together to make this happen.

We started off with a 38 second 200. Felt strong.

Next was the 300. Dimitri took me through in 38 and we charged in at 56 and change. That equaled a 75.

We rested and then ran another 200 in the high 36's. Whoa! That actually felt the best of all.

We ran one more 300 but agreed to cruise it. We hit 61 which was uninspired but frankly was fine.

20 minute warm down. Coffee afterwards.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Faster Than Forty (or Sixty)

I ran the neighborhood and then drove to the club workout. It was a shorty. Douglas-Saratoga which is 2.75 miles.  Tom was back from Europe so I ran part of the way with him and the rest of the way with Tim. Nothing too ominous. We did get down below a 9 minute pace (OH NO!). I jogged around the tennis court loop afterward and rounded the whole thing off at 45 minutes keeping in mind that tomorrow I am running on the track.

My article was published on the fasterthanforty website. Rick Miller did a good job of editing what I wrote. It came out nicely.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Dark Months...

I ran an easy 70 minutes around home and over at WVC. Gloves again and long sleeves ( finally ) because the temperature was in the low 40's. Danny finally abdicated and wore tights. It's only gonna get colder. The DARK MONTHS are coming.

This afternoon I worked the top of the chute at a local XC meet. It is probably the final dribbling end of my high school coaching career. One of the kids asked me, "Where have you been?"

Seeking peace of mind, I thought.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I drove over to WVC this afternoon and jogged around the track for a grand total of 20 minutes while the "others" did 6 x 800's.

Danny ripped off a 71 second quarter which was his fastest of the year.

I kept thinking about going for one myself but I never got up the gumption.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Usual 70 Minutes

The usual 70 minutes of easy jogging this morning with the last 60 with friend Danny. It has gotten decidedly cooler. We both wore gloves this morning.  I have not abdicated to long sleeves and tights yet but I know it is coming. That and the rain...

We went up to see Big Bad Billy later in the morning. My right side has been problematic for weeks now but after the adjustment and a walk-around, I felt much better.

These are the hi-tech gloves I normally wear.


One size fits all

Classic Brown 8 oz Jersey Glove Large
Classic Gardening Gloves

Monday, October 24, 2011


Looked at the McMillan Running Calculator. It says that my 1:40, 500m is worth a 2:48, 800 meter. I believe this is correct (and I wasn't even going all out).

This means that I'll need to cut off another 5 seconds, or run 1:35, to be at the 2:40 level.

No problem! Cough...cough

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meta Goal Met

I came...
I saw...
I ran...

I did my usual 10 minutes dump in the local neighborhood. My back and hip felt better than yesterday. That was a good sign. Then I drove over to Foothill College. The track was strewn with benches and debris from Saturday football game. I moved the benches around to help free up the inside two lanes. Then jogging around the track and lower campus. Dimitri showed up and began his warm up. I went on for a time and finally realized that if I didn't stop I would be out there for 30 minutes before doing any hard work. I stopped at around 28 minutes.

The hard work was supposed to be centered around a meta goal of running 1 x 500 meters at 1:40 or goal pace for the half.

I did some quick strides and noticed that while I could still feel my hip, it didn't seem too tight. The sun was out and eventually I just stood over by the fence surrounding the track and relaxed. Dimitri finished his warm up and came over to discuss the workout. We agreed to do a 200 meter at pace (40) and then go run the 500. What we did after that was up to how we felt after the big one.

We took off on the 200 and right away I realized how good I felt. We cruised a 38 with no strain at all.

We then took a complete rest and lined up for the 500. The plan was to go 81-82 and then begin to accelerate on the last 100. The way a runner would accelerate during an 800 meter race. So hard but not all out. We went out at 21 for the first 100 meters and cruised the 200 in 41. The 400 was 81 and Dimitri began pushing. I had dropped back a bit and he wondered if I was still there.

"You Okay?" he asked.

"Yeah,'" I said. "I am right here," as I moved up and closed the gap.

We crossed the line in 1:40.

Meta goal met.

We walked and cooled down. I told him that I had gotten lazy between the 300 and 400 and that he had gaped me by about 5 yards but that I was closing the gap when he had ask me if I was alright.

We decided to do one more rep. Another 200. I was recovering pretty quickly.

This time we took off and hit the first 100 in 18. It felt effortless. We closed under total control in just a hair over 37.I was actually throttling back down the last 100 or else it would have been a low 36.

We then  jogged down for 20 minutes.

Then to Starbucks for coffee.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

50 minutues of jogging

I jogged 50 minutes this morning.

Beautiful clear morning. The club was running 800's on the track. I ran around campus and dipped down onto the track now and then to see how things were going. I also did several 100's just to get an idea of range of motion.  My right hip is slightly stiff. It may impact tomorrow's workout. I am glad that I am going up to see my chiro on Tuesday. Too many things got in the way over the past several weeks. I am overdue.

Danny was headed up to the Sierra's to see Kenny who had a stroke several weeks back.  He seems to be recovering but is not out of the woods. He is fortunate in that he had no paralysis.  It seems to have effected his mind more than anything but even that appears to be rebounding.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Early start

Danny convinced me to haul my ass over to WVC a half hour earlier than normal so we could run, have breakfast and still get over to the baylands to set up the XC course. I backed everything up getting a 7 minute dump run in in semi darkness and arriving at the campus early enough to avoid the usual middle school traffic on Fruitvale.

I sneaked in another 3 minutes of jogging before Moonie showed up. God, I tend to be obsessive

Danny and I ran our usual slow 60 minutes in a fall like mist that had settled over the area. I was able to get away with a t-shirt and shorts but I wore my cycling gloves (I don't cycle) to keep the chill off my hands. Legs felt good. No ill effects from last evenings 200's.

After breakfast I had a long phone conversation with Mark Gomes who is one of the best age group 800 meter runners in the US.  Our talk had a big impact on my thoughts about master's training. He has taken the science of cross training to a high art form. He has made X-training, the training.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running again

Three days off while the family traveled to Seattle and back. I needed to get running again so I went to the club Wednesday evening workout. I warmed up by jogging 10 minutes. The crowd was sparse. Pick, Helen, Danny and I. The workout was 12 x 400. I jogged 8 of the reps staying slow and low. I tested my legs on the backside of two of the 400's by running the last 200 fast. The first one was 41 but the second one was 38.  The last one felt great despite some back and leg problems over the past several weeks.

The early evening was cool with a slight breeze. Good for running hard.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

52 minutes of what....

I did my usual warmup around the neighborhood and then drove over to the college to run with the club. They were lining up for a the Triangle run which is 4.76 miles. 30 years ago I held the club record of 25:41. Pretty much a solo effort after the first two miles.

Today was different. The turnout was small. Maybe two dozen runners max. My plan was to run easy. When we started I was in last place with the pack moving quickly away from me. I was quickly facing the obvious. I was running alone. Was going to continue to run alone and if that was so, why run the course? I dropped off at about 1.5 miles and cut back over to the campus, eventually running up the the long hill that led to track. I had almost made it when the finishers came towards me, jogging a campus loop as a warmdown. I joined Big Mac and we ran together to the where my car was parked.

52 minutes total of what...

My easy pace is no longer relevant to running with the club during a workout because to run easy is to run alone. I was running through suburban Saratoga but I could just have easily have been running anywhere.
Lone Runner

Thursday, October 13, 2011

70 minutes of not tearing myself down

I ran the usual 70 minutes slog with ten minutes around the neighborhood and 60 minutes over at WVC with Danny.  My legs continue to feel good. I know it's the slow running. It's not tearing me down.

Breakfast with Danny, Jake, Madelyn at Holder's.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Went out to the track at WVC and ran for 15 minutes while members of the club did 3 x 1600. I threw in two 100 meter strides to test my hammie. It held up fine. No tightness before or after. The good news is that we are headed out of town Sunday so I won't be doing any fast reps this weekend. Be back late Tuesday and I might do a fast 400 on Wednesday. It depends on my busy social obligations :-) Otherwise it will be a week from Sunday before I blaze the track again. Plan: 1 x 500 at 1:40!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

75 minutes in a steady drizzle

Ran 75 minutes this morning in a steady drizzle. A tropical cell was passing over the Bay Area and it was muggy. Could not stop sweating at breakfast. Hot oatmeal and coffee set off the water works. Danny had the same problem.

But then it is only October and the colder weather won't arrive (really arrive) until the day after Halloween.

My tight hamstring felt much better. I have been using all my master's secrets to make the soreness go away.

Art by Maria Janosko

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Ran like the wind today. An aged wind but fast for me. Ran my dump course for ten minutes and then drove over to Foothill College. The track was almost deserted except for Dimitri doing his warmup and a few walkers.

Did another 15 minutes of warmup including some strides. The workout was 5 x 200 at 400 pace. Dimitri led me through the first one at 40. It felt very easy. We then ran 4 x 200 in a high 37 average (walking back for recovery). All felt very controlled. The last was 37.06! Jogged down for 15 minutes. Coffee afterward. Slight soreness in lower right hamstring. Not painful. Just need to be careful.

Saturday, October 08, 2011


I socialized today by running 10 minutes around my neighborhood and then driving over to WVC and jogging the track and tennis court loop while the club ran a relay. The total was 47 minutes.

Danielle was there. She is recovering from some health problems but even with very little running I could not stay with her when she was running  a fast rep.

The weather has totally cleared up. It was in the mid 50's and sunny.

 Breakfast with the club afterward.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The first whiff of winter

I wasn't given the luxury of sleeping in again as a news helicopter was whumping over the area before 6 am. I staggered out of bed and made coffee. I ran 10 minutes around the area. It rained very lightly towards the end. Then I drove over to the college to hook up with Danny. We got the first whiff of winter today. It rained this morning while we ran our usual 60 minutes at WVC. Nothing too bad. Really more of a steady drizzle. Breakfast afterward.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Rushing around

My wife, Sue was heading to Seattle in the late morning, so I had to run, have breakfast, drive back home and take her to the airport. Got in 70 minutes of running, a quick bowl of Oatmeal and transported Sue to the San Jose Airport before heading back home to grab a quick shower. Rain came through Monday evening but had cleared up by the time of the run so we didn't get wet. Danny begged us to run slow (NO PROBLEM!) because he had wrenched his back. Tom joined us but after this he'll be gone on a cruise in the Mediterranean for about three weeks.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

2 x 400

When I began this whole thing back in May, one of my milestones was to be able to run 2 x 400 in 80 seconds. Nothing thundering by any means but age graded it's like running 60 seconds back in the day. Wednesday told me I was ready for sure. Heat aside I was ready on Wednesday! I did a slow 20 minute warmup, did my usual strides and told Dimitri, my faithful friend and pacer, that I was ready. We did a shakeout 200 in 40 and it felt easy. Maybe too easy. We rested and then did the first 400. We had decided to go off pace so I wasn't surprised to see 21-41 on the front half. But then we accelerated hitting the 300 in 60 and coming to the end in just under 80. More rest and then... The second 400 was a tick faster hitting the 200 in 40 but the acceleration was sharper. We notched a clean 78! We then did a slow 20 minute jog...jog to finish off. Next stop, somewhere down the line, will be 2 x 400 in 75.

My goal is to be able to run fast and have my competition not be able to do anything about it and not want to try.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

45 minutes

Ran an easy 45 minutes this morning with the usual dump run in the neighborhood and the rest over at WVC so I could kibbutz with the club. There was a slight wind blowing that I haven't seen since last spring (at least not in the morning). Rain coming so I am told.  That could change the complexion of things in the Bay Area next week. Rain or shine, the Last Runner will run.

Legs feeling good for tomorrows workout.