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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snapping Cold Run

It was in the mid 30's this morning at Forbes. It was cold enough for the air to have a snap to it. I was double gloved and wearing tights and a ski cap. But no complaints. The wind storm of the last two days had finally backed off and the sun was out (even though down on the trail the sunlight was hidden). Jake and I took our time getting up to the top on the first loop. We hit the marker in 15:06 but came down in 12:16. We were beginning to warm up. The second loop was faster at 24:39. Nothing spectacular but I felt strong. Adding in my around the neighborhood 10 minute shakedown run, my total was right around 62 minutes.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Same ol'

Quiet day all around. No clients, no work to do. I drank coffee and hung out until after 8:30 AM and finally got myself going. It was another one of those run as slowly as you can stand it slogs. The skies were clouding up and it felt like it was in the high 40's or low 50's. I slow jogged over the college and did my usual Big Loops (over and over again). My legs were not at their best but I started feeling better as the run progressed. I added on some time and came in at 70 minutes.

My runs are very much the same these days. Not eventful. Same route, same terrain. I probably need to shake it up a bit.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mission Rock

 Shel and I drove up to the city to run the DSE, Mission Rock 5K.

Between my usual dump run around the house and the city (SF) I warmed up for about 23 minutes total. I then ran 26:22 for 5K. Nothing spectacular. I didn't push which was good because the energy level wasn't there. I could feel the results of my tactical dieting over the last few weeks. As usual even if I eat just the right number of calories, it results in me bonking. Go figure that out.

So I bonked but had fun regardless.

I ran into Bob Anderson, an old friend from the 70's and 80's when he ran Runner's World and I just ran. We caught up. He ran a decent 21 minute 5K. Not too bad for a guy who is about ready to turn 63. At 63 that was about my conditioning too.

This was the area (below) close to the start and finish of the run. The photo is from 1954 but the big terminal (the white area in the foreground) looks the same. AT&T Park now occupies the area just north of it.
Aerial View of San Francisco

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hill Charges

The weather cleared up for a few days. I had coffee and lazed around the house until about 11 am and then I finally went out. My legs felt great. I breezed down to the college by a longer route and ran my usual boring super loops. At about 48 minutes I did two hill charges, except the word charges may be too strong. I did pick up the pace for about the 8-10 seconds it took me to get up to the "summit" but I smartly did not run all out. Then I ran back home. Had to hold back. I cut the run off at 60 minutes.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Running between storms

I am glad I didn't run Sunday. It was an all out rain and wind storm (or at least a bay area version of the real thing). I took Monday off as a matter of course and was rested and ready to go this morning. I got out before 8 am and ran an easy 60 minutes. The weather held nicely. Cool but no rain. I went over to the college and did super loops. At 50 minutes I picked up the pace (don't ask me what the pace was..I have no idea) and ran moderately back to the house for the next ten minutes.

I am de-emphasizing  both the distance and days I run in a week and focusing on getting some controlled quality in the mix.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leap of Faith Plan

I have decided to cut back to three days a week running through the end of March. I guess it is the next logical move for the aging runner. I believe that I have already long since passed any adaptive benefit I get from mileage. It just isn't there anymore.

So three days....

To begin with my training will constitute the following:

Long run. Easy pacing until the last 10-15 minutes at which time I will pick it up all the way in. Of course this is given that I feel okay. No pushing through tired  or dead legs.

Easy run of 30-40 minutes followed some hill strides. Nothing long. Maybe 8-10 seconds. If I am running them at the college then I will jog home for 10 minutes afterward. If I am running them at Forbes I can do them at the very end.

Tempo day which will include a warmup and a warmdown. The tempo will be either a continuous run or segmented effort. So I might run the 2.7 mile loop at Forbes at 85-90% of max or break the run up into two segments with a tempo run up, 1-2 minute rest and then a tempo run back down.

There are two test efforts possibilities:

1. 5 x 1K at 5K date (two minute rest interval)

2. 3 mile 88-92% run

These are not to be done too often. Maybe every 4-6 weeks.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Minimalist 2 minutes

Did the usual. Slept in, had coffee and went to breakfast with the club. It has been raining since Thursday evening. I feel like I am in Seattle for God's sake! But a warmer gentler Seattle. In Seattle you get the rain and the lead gray skies but also a perpetual 38 degrees.

I went out for an easy run around high noon. My legs felt good so I moved it along. Just steady. Nothing hard. After doing my usual college route, I came back by the house at 50 minutes, dropped on my racing shoes and ran a minimalist 2 extra minutes.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forbes Mill Thursday

It was Forbes Mill Thursday and man was it cold. Temps dropped into the 30's so I wore long sleeve top, tights, two layers of gloves and a wool ski cap.

I ran my usual 10 minutes around the neighborhood and then drove over to meet Jake. We did the first loop at 27:44. Slower than last week but who cares. On the second loop we got to the top in 13:13 (not that fast) and then I told Jake I was going to push the downhill. I was thinking sub 10 minutes which up until recently I didn't think I could do because of the lingering after effects of the same sciatica I have been dealing with Since Early August.

But there were no issues. I purposely kept the pace at tempo and not race-like. Hit the last maker at 21 flat and picked it up, covering the last section in 2:03. My final time was 23:03. So 9:50 coming down.
If you check back to April 15th of this year, I ran 19:30. A long way from where I presently stand.
 I also caught a cold after that run. Not right away but within a couple of weeks. I tend to run myself down into colds rather than catch them. So I need to be careful...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

65 minutes before a busy day

Yesterday morning's run was a slow 65 minutes. It was not that cold and I was able to get away with shorts, cycling gloves, a hat and a long sleeve T.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

AT at the track

Overcast and light drizzle again. Today was supposed to be a "Day of Sun" according to the weather folks. No such luck.

I strapped on my HRM. A rare event these days. I did my usual shake down and then headed down Steven Creek to the college (aka, the other route). At 21 minutes I found myself on the backside of the track at the 200 meter point. I then ran 3 x two super loops driving my HR up to the 169-172 range and recovering by letting my HR drop back under 148. So up to 85% of max and back down under 70% of max. I then slow jogged home running a total of 55 minutes.

As near as I can tell a double super loop is about .642 miles or 1033 meters. I average just over 5 minutes a double loop. There is a short hill that I had to go up each time around. Not sure what this all means except that I am slow. Around 7:50 pace a loop.

The good news was that my hip did not bother me one iota and that stands for something.  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

35 instead of 60

I promised myself that I would run 60 minutes today (even if it meant doubling) but ended up running 35 instead. I ran in the morning before breakfast. It was drizzling lightly and actually quite pleasant.

I almost went out again around 1 pm but got to the door and turned back. It was simply the "will" to go out again.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Soft Rain at Forbes

Soft rain this morning. Not cold at all. Did a ten minute shakedown around the neighborhood before heading over to Forbes. Met up with Jake. Morphed into old men running up the trail. We covered the first loop in 26:30 which was faster than last week and didn't feel badly at all. On the second loop we ran up in 12:48 and then Jake told me he was gonna AT it back down. I stayed with him most of the way but then grew too impatient and ran on ahead to finish in 23:30. Nothing spectacular but I felt strong.

Wally came by and we went to breakfast. The Persian Girl is getting big (very pregnant) but still looks great. She told me that the baby is kicking now but mostly at night when she is trying to sleep. We laughed. It is all part of the preparation I told her.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

60 minutes flat

Got up early and sucked down a giant cup of coffee before going out.  It was clear and cold. I dressed to the "nines".  Hat, gloves. The works. I ran around the neighborhood at first and then down in back of the office buildings off Bubb to McClellan and on to the college.

Same old, same old.

I slow jogged super loops before heading home again.

60 minutes flat.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Way To Slowtown

I ran another 60 minutes this morning ahead of some dark clouds that "might" mean rain (actually it's raining as I write this). My legs felt good so when I got over to the track I added in some easy striders. Otherwise the run was uneventful. Just another milepost on the way to slow town.
Dark Clouds

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Grooved in a rut for 60 minutes

It threatened to rain today. Honestly it did. I decided not to run until early afternoon which gave me time to laze around the house, drink coffee and then go out to breakfast with the club. I finally got out the door close to 1 pm and jogged an easy 60 minutes. I was kind of punkish early on but then began to feel better as the run progressed (late energy). I never did get rained on.

I am in a rut. It seems that I have grooved into this railroad track, college, super loop course.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Arguing our way to 67 minutes

Cold Silicon Valley morning. low 40's. Could have been worse.

I ran a 17 minute shakedown around my neighborhood and over at Forbes. Then Jake showed up and we argued ;-) our way through a 26:30 first loop. The time surprised us both. On the second loop we ran a bit harder coming in at just under 24 minutes.

Total running was 67 minutes.

Oh, yeah. Jake and I were arguing about school politics. Jake had been presiding over informal training sessions with his runners when the league rules say give it a break until the end of January.  So the AD got on him and Jake decided to just to back away.

Damn, it is like a job!