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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Running again

It's months since my last post.

I'm running again. Over the past month and half I gradually worked up to 30 minutes running sandwiched in an hour of walking and running.

1. I'm wearing a unloader brace. It takes the pressure off the injured part of my femur and has allowed me to run while the contusion heals. The brace looks bulky and restrictive, but it's not. It is light and flexible. I hardly notice that it is on anymore.

2. I've purchased a Bionic Runner (BR). It's a seatless bike that replicates the motion and energy output of running. I'm only in my first week. "Bionic Running" puts stress on the quads while removing it from the back, hips and knees.  It's kind of an amazing piece of equipment. I can see over the long haul that it will strengthen my upper legs and allow me to train more.

I BR'd for 20 minutes this morning followed by 30 minutes of running. Walking accounted for another hour of movement. Long tough morning because of the BR. My quads are very tired. Otherwise, I'm fine.