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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another test day

I ran 65 minutes this morning going 2-1. No problems with the calf at all. Legs felt really good. Danny, Tom and Rick were on board.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Testing the calf day

Testing the calf day. Ran two minutes on, one minute walk for an hour. I stayed off the hills and ran very slowly. Tom and Danny were kind enough to stay with me (we'll all be walking in a few years).
My calf was sore from the massage but no pain otherwise.

We drove up to see Bill TARR for our monthly chiro adjustments. He did some extra work on my right leg.

Taking it easy Thursday too.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Dimitri's gone so I ran from the house on Sunday after taking Lucy for a walk. Took the low path through Blackberry Farm to McClellan Ranch and then down the road to the lake behind the 7-11. Only problem is that the lake was dry. Totally dry! It's a habitat for ducks and geese ( or was ). Could be the drought or maybe some other reason. Dunno.

I turned back and ran over to the high school track and then back through the Ranch-Farm road. I was just starting up the last hill when I felt a slight soreness on the outer edge of my right calf. I'll call it a tweak.

I immediately shut things down and walked in. Sixty five minutes of mostly running.

First time my calf has tweaked since early 2012.

On Monday I went to see my masseuse at lunchtime and she worked over the leg but good. Yikes! It hurt. A good hurt. She told me that the muscle was ropy.

Tomorrow I stay on the flats, wear my calf compression sleeve, run-walk and see how it goes.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

6:36 pace

After a 23 minute easy jog Danny and I ran 8 x 400 at 90%.

Averaged 1:39 per 400. Felt good from the first one and we gradually got faster at the same HR. Anyway, 6:36 pace. Another big drop. Fastest was 6:43 pace. I noticed that I had to push to get to 90% which is a good thing. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More 4-1's

Tom and did 4-1 pushing the four (a bit ) and walking the one. 60 minutes but covered 4 tenths of a mile more than usual. I felt great! Good recovery from second fastest on Sunday.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Dimitri and I ran the Palo Alto park out and back.


Not too shabby. Ran-walked 4-1 on the way out pushing up to 70% during the four minute portion. Got up to the park in 39:03. Ran all the way back down at 70-75% covering the distance in 28:20. The weather was nice but not  too cool so it was a challenge to keep my HR down ( BUT I DID IT! ).

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Humid Tempo

Warmish and humid. Noticed that right away. The shade felt too good. We warmed up slowly at 4-1 run-walk.

Target workout was a hair under 3200 meters of reps at 90%.

Throw away 400 to warm up. 1:52.

531 meters in 2:17
400 1:41
531 2:12
400 1:39 ( fighting to stay at 90% )
531 2:13 ( same issue )
400 1:39 ( had to back off to stay at 90% )

Was happy with the times and the recovery but the humidity was a hammer and an anvil. Still...if I take out the throw away, I am at a 6:43 pace. Not too bad.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Easy hour

Ran an easy hour with Danny and Tom ( back from cheesehead land ). 4-1 run-walk ratio.

Who does this?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reverse Course

Dimitri and I ran our Altamont-Taffee course in reverse. We jogged easily to the upper park but still got up there rather quickly (42:58) and then cruised back down to the college via Altamont and Taffee Roads. 78 minutes with several minutes of walking added on to cool down.

I had to double check my watch going up. The last time we slow jogged, we ran 48 minutes. This felt the same but simply was faster. 

I checked on my two Kindle World books . My latest, Shield of Mongetai is number 4 (action and adventure) and my first, Sword of Monegtai is number 12 in the same genre. Of course this changes daily.

I am working on my next book.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Fast Reps

Met up with Danny to run some fast net downhill 400's. After a 20 minute warmup we ran a throwaway rep but cruised it in 1:40 which was way faster than usual. Like 7-8 seconds faster. We took a full recovery and then blasted a 93 and an 89 in succession. Jogged down for 10 minutes and called it a day. Felt very capable of doing a few more. Both Danny and I were strong today, but it was mission accomplished. Three was enough.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

All hail S L O W !

Tuesday is getting lazy...

I ran a very easy sixty minutes with Danny. Four minutes run, one minute walk. Is it really running? My HR was very low throughout. It was cool, overcast and we didn't push it. All hail S L O W !

Seriously, the  s l o w e r  I am willing to run on Tuesday the better I run the rest of the week.

By the way, I quietly released my second Foreworld Novella. Shield of Mongetai.

The first book, Sword of a Mongetai,  was in the top three in its category for 16 weeks despite mixed reviews. I got beat up on editing. My bad. I mistakenly uploaded a beta version and didn't catch it for five weeks. I fixed it but once those b a d versions get downloaded you're sort of up the creek.

Kindle Worlds has gone romantic over the past month or so. Hunky romance novels have taken over the territory once held by SciFi and alternative history ( my specialty ). I can't write romance ( and not puke ) so I'll just stick to writing what I care about.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Moderate long run

With Dimitri traveling, I decided to run variations of my old courses in the neighborhood. I  did a run-walk of 4-1. The weather was cool and it was overcast. Felt really good. I had to push a bit to get up into the 130's and 140's because my HR dropped so fast during the walks.