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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Foggy 70

A tule fog like curtain sopped the South Bay. I peered out over my morning coffee and thought to myself, "I'll wait until the Sun comes out before I run." It just wasn't that appetizing to out in cold. But in the end, I went through the motions of getting ready go go out anyway. In the end I was out by 9 AM and running.

Tule Fog be damned!

I ran the neighborhood and the local college super loop until I had jogged 70 minutes.

It was a good run. My legs didn't hurt but then I didn't push at any time during the workout.

Danny is in the glide path for his annual cruise so I won't see him until after the 15th. Would like to run with Jake but I am in high school sports detox and that's mostly what he talks about. I just need time away from all that.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fire on the track

50 minutes this morning of varied jogging. In between the warmup and warmdown I sandwiched in a track workout over at Foothill with Dimitrios. The weather was cool and slightly overcast.

The workout was the one that I had to cancel last week due to stomach problems.

5 x 200.

Armed with my natural lean on the turns, I honestly felt great. We ran the first one in 38 and it felt easy and smooth. The next two were 37's and the last two were low 36's.

There was fire on the track. Well, maybe only an old Bic lighter but there was enough juice left to produce a flame.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The day after

I decided last night, as I stuffed myself with Turkey, that instead of running Saturday, I would run off some of the mass calories I accumulated the day after (which is today...Friday).  I dressed to the nines which turned out to be overdressed and ran an easy 53 minutes with a trip over to De Anza thrown in the mix. It was in the low 50's and overcast when I started out but the sun came out about half way through the run.

The track was pretty much empty except for one gal who was jogging the inside lane and running the stadium steps. The only other creatures wandering around were the usual flock of geese. They seem to have no awareness of track courtesy as they made it plain that they own and occupy the inside lane and the grass football field.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Death of a thousand steps

I got myself up out of bed super early (6 AM!!!!!) and over to the club Thanksgiving day run. The turnout was sparse but Danielle, Danny, myself and Ken did 57 minutes of slow jogging around the WVC campus under lead gray skies. I had run my normal 10 minutes prior to driving over so I ended up with 67 minutes total.

The rest of the club ran the 7 miler. I could probably have done it. The distance wouldn't have been the issue but the time it would have taken me would have been more than I wanted to run. Even if I had stayed up I would have died the death of a thousand steps and been worthless on Sunday.