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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Running again

It's months since my last post.

I'm running again. Over the past month and half I gradually worked up to 30 minutes running sandwiched in an hour of walking and running.

1. I'm wearing a unloader brace. It takes the pressure off the injured part of my femur and has allowed me to run while the contusion heals. The brace looks bulky and restrictive, but it's not. It is light and flexible. I hardly notice that it is on anymore.

2. I've purchased a Bionic Runner (BR). It's a seatless bike that replicates the motion and energy output of running. I'm only in my first week. "Bionic Running" puts stress on the quads while removing it from the back, hips and knees.  It's kind of an amazing piece of equipment. I can see over the long haul that it will strengthen my upper legs and allow me to train more.

I BR'd for 20 minutes this morning followed by 30 minutes of running. Walking accounted for another hour of movement. Long tough morning because of the BR. My quads are very tired. Otherwise, I'm fine.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


New set of MRI's this morning. My second opinion ortho wants to see if things are improving. It's been about 3 months since my last MRI.

He suspects wear and tear on the bottom of the femur are the culprit. My knee is FINE. I'll meet with him next Tuesday to discuss the results.

In my mind I'm already shifting. Starting in May I'll be riding the Bionic Runner and walking in between. No running for the near term.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Second opinions

I'm going to get a second opinion on my knee and femur today. I've been consistently walking every day. If I take ibuprofen I feel little discomfort. Mostly NO discomfort. I'm thinking about acupuncture as an alternative way of stimulating healing of the femur.

I threw in two one minute slow jogs during my 70 minute walk yesterday. I ran on the grass on the edge of the soccer field ar WVC. No problems so far.

I think I tried to come back too early and too fast in February. It's April now. Three months and some since my knee injury. I'm hoping that if I climb out of this real gradually I might run again.

Bionic Runner should be showing up in late April or early May.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Decided not to get an injection. Synvisc or cortisone. Yeah, it'll make my knee more comfortable but it won't help cure it. It won't fix the issue which is an abrasion on my right femur just above the knee.

I'm taking the season off. As is no running for now or the immediate future,

R E S T gives me the best chance of coming back. Even then there is no guarantee.

Rest is walking and BRIng.m

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Saw orthopedic doctor a week ago Thursday. He sent me in for an MRI on Monday. Results on Wednesday. Turns out I have a wear spot on my right femur where it joins the knee, but towards the back. We decided that rest was the best course. I can walk, but need to stay away from weight bearing exercise. If the inflammation subsides then I'll be able to avoid surgery ( scoping the femur ). Doc recommended 3-4 weeks in addition to the 2 weeks I had already taken off.

The knee is already much improved. Two weeks ago I had to abandon several dawg walks with Lucy due to pain. Now I can walk an hour easily.

Taking the following

Ibuprofen ( inflammation )
Glucosamine ( speculative )

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Knee Issues

Tuesday: BIG DAY ! 60 minutes easy run with Tom in the morning. Came back in the evening and ran another 45 plus minutes with Brian including 8 x 100 fast strides. Some slight knee issues. Need to be careful.

Thursday: 70 minutes with Tom and Danny. My knee didn't bother me. Actually the soreness is right above the knee on the inside. Chiro and massage coming up. Ibuprofen, ice and leg lifts.

Saturday: 45 minutes moving along (for me).  Warmed up with Jeff and warmed down with Todd. My knee which has been adjusted and deep tissue massaged didn't bother me while running. It was a bit sore when I stopped. Iced when I got home.

Sunday: ran an hour. Knee or lower quad tightened up big time. I've decided to rest it and just walk for a week or two. I'm going to see an orthopedic doctor ( the same one who scoped my knee back in 2012 ).

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Easy week

Tuesday: 70 minute chiller with Tom ( Danny had an excused absence....again ). Double gloves and ski cap. Campus and roads. My legs felt good. The pace was slow.

Thursday: Another 70 minute at an easy pace. Danny showed up so we're all present and accounted for.

Saturday: 45 minutes easy running with Tom. Low 40's.

Sunday: 75 minutes easy running with Dimitri.

Rain coming in next week!