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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I ran 60 minutes total today including two Forbes Mill Loops. The first was 27:13 which, given how slow Jake and I were trying to run, was sort of amazingly faster than expected. I let Jake get a minute  head start on the second loop and caught him right at the top in 11 flat. I ran down in 9:49 for a 20:49. Good run given that I kept myself reined in most of the way. Picked up the last section and ran in at 2:03-04.

Weather is improving. Crisp and sunny. Low to mid 50's.

Given that I am watching my weight (go down hopefully), this was a good effort.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

72 minutes

I ran back to back days hitting 72 minutes on Monday. I dropped another pound on my diet and even though I am trying not to over-deficit calories, I still lack zip in my legs. But that is part of the deal.

Monday was sunny and relatively warm so I went out in long sleeve T and shorts. The weather has suddenly shifted to spring. At least for the moment.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

70 metronome

The storms have ended for the time being. It was actually sunny out today. I ran for 70 minutes at my usual metronome slow pace. No tights. Just shorts and a long sleeve top. I felt a bit weary legged but less from running and more from watching what I eat (aka: dieting). Sort of pigged out last night at dinner on beef and some sort of excellent tart-type cake. Not many carbs in the mix. Will do better today. But sometimes I have to remember that extending life is not as important as enjoying it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The day after the big storm

Thursday the rain drummed down on the Bay Area. I was glad that it was a day off. Friday things cleared out. There were still some light showers but nothing ominous.

Jake and I met over at Forbes and ran two loops. It was really a classic progression run for me. The first loop was in the 26:49 and the second was 22:44. Jake hung on through the last maker before the end and then jogged and walked in.

If I included 8 minutes of dump running (and I am) I was close to 58 minutes total.

62 minutes Wednesday in the rain

On Wednesday morning I ran 62 minutes in the rain. Never stopped the whole time (the rain that is). Not many people out there on the college track. I had running, as I know it, to myself.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Rain Man Run

I ran early. Was out the door before 8:30. It was in the 40's with a good threat of showers. I ran over to the college for super loops. Ran into my walking buddy. We joked about making it through our respective workouts without getting rained on. It's too late, he said and we both laughed. A few minutes later it began to come down steadily and without any respite until I got back home again. The track cleared out rather quickly and I may have even dialed back my run a bit. 

60 minutes total. Legs felt good.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

70 minutes in the cold, rovercast and rain

Morning before club breakfast.

Cold, overcast, rain.

Ran 30 minutes.

Early afternoon.

Cold, overcast, rain.

Ran 40 minutes with 4 striders inserted as pickups.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ran the neighborhood for 5 minutes before heading over to Forbes for my weekly Jake run. We really held back on the first loop but still ran under 27. On the second loop I  let Jake get a about a minute ahead of me.  I planned to run at 85-90% of max.  I was surprised that my HR went up quickly. Where my blood seemed little more than sludge back in January and February, the warmer weather seemed to have thinned things out a bit. I went right up into the mid 170's and stayed there all the way up to the top. I hit 11:10 before turning around. I pushed my HR up to 180, which wasn't that hard to do, and ran back down in 10:23 for a 21:33 overall time. 

Could I have gone faster? Probably much faster.  Certainly under 21. The fact is that I am a fairly long way from my 20:33 that I ran in February before coming down with that nasty cold.

If all goes well, I will blast the loop again in several weeks.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Slow As I Could Stand It (SAICSI)

Headed out mid morning trying to beat rain showers that had been sliding across the Bay Area skies over the last day.

Actually it was balmy but there were some dark rainclouds coming in.

I ran a slow as I could stand it (SAICSI)  for 60 minutes. Legs a bit sore from the 100's but outside that I actually felt better as the run progressed.

My weight is up (no wonder my pants felt tight). Need to lose 5-6 pounds of unwanted lard. Tough now that I am only running 3 days a week so this forces me to walk at least two other days. I am dieting even though I said I wouldn't again. I won't carry around extra weight. Just have to walk that razor's edge to make sure I don't get run down.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

8 x 500 meter super loops

Enjoyed coffee and a leisurely breakfast with the club this morning. I had really planned to make it to the workout but based on the last year...well, let's face it. I am Mr. No Show.

I got out around noon and ran 23 minutes of easy stuff around the neighborhood and over to the track. Once there I ran 8 x 500 meter super loops striding 100 meters on each loop. Averaged 19-20 without going to the well. Slow jogged home to make it an hour total.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Forbes Mill

I ran at Forbes Mill this morning with Jake. I also did 6 minutes of dump running before.

The first loop surprised both Jake and I. We ran 25:39.

On the second loop we hit the top in 12:25 but I got back in 10:05 and ran 22:30.  I had company. Some young slender young gal and her dog. Nice company plus the pace was perfect for a sub-tempo effort.

Given that I have been drip...drip...dripping and coughing a great deal, I expected less but got more.

@54 minute total.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Short Hills & Wind

Got out around 8:30 am. Very windy. Ran over to the college and did short hills at an even pace and then jogged back home.

Saw basketball guy on the track and said hello.  Legs felt okay. Some residual tiredness from strides on Saturday.

60 minutes total.

It's all simple now.
  • Strides for leg turnover
  • Hills for power
  • Tempo for stamina
At age 65 going on 66 I don't think there is more I can do anyway.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

70 minutes with strides

Broke my workout into two parts.

In the morning I ran an easy and somewhat creaky 30 minutes.

Came back towards noon and ran another 40 minutes with 6 x 100 strides in 20-21. Surprised that they were this fast. I DID NOT PUSH AT ALL!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Tired Legged 40 minutes

Easy, tired legged 40 minute run. Took off around 9 AM. Sunny and moderate.

Must be light on conditioning.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Back at it

Today was the first real training run since I came down with that cold back in early February.

I basically lost a month of training.

I met up with Jake at Forbes and ran two loops. Including some extraneous dump running I covered 61 minutes. The first loop was 27:06 and the second was 22:18 (12:02-10:16). 4 weeks of very little running showed up big time.  The 22:18 felt like a sub 21 several months back.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

40 minutes

Ran 40 minutes this morning. First run since last Wednesday.  Weather was cool and sunny but more rain coming in.