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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rehabbing in a minor key

Tuesday: I slogged an easy 70 minutes once again mostly on the track but I did do a loop or two (walking the short hills). My upper Achilles was sore from Monday's massage, but there was no tightness. The last 30 minutes were totally symptom free.

Thursday: 70 minutes of soooooooo-sloooooooooow with Tom and Danny. No soreness. HR down under 120 most of the run.

Saturday: 60 minutes of MAF running. More really low heart rate stuff. 99% on the track. No tightness or pain. The club ran the mile. I watched.

Sunday: 90 minute run from my house with a climb up to Steven Creek Reservoir thrown in to test the achilles.  Dimitri joined me. We both enjoyed the run. Roads, trails and paths. So varied surfaces.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The high cost of speed

Tuesday: Ran 60 minutes sandwiching in 3 x 200 fast strides. 43-40-40.  I felt clumsy on the first one but then things came together. Danny ran 4-5 seconds faster on each one. I stayed away of pressing the pace. I'll just get injured.

Tom wisely stuck to low heart rate work.

Thursday: I felt good after several nights of excellent sleep. I was running along at about 40 minutes when my right achilles started to act up. I dropped to the track (as in flat) to finish up. Got in 57 minutes. When I got home I wrapped my foot, iced and used capsaicin. Put an extra heel lift in each shoe.

Friday: Achilles feels better. 200's that fast???? Lesson learned.

Saturday: Walked and ran for a half hour. I stayed down on the track and kept things easy. My achilles tightened up a bit, several times but was no worse for wear at the end. Every time it bothered me I walked. Then I'd run again and so on.

Sunday: Slow...SLOW...SLOW 60 minute run run. Most of this effort was done on the WVC Track at the lower end of MAF. I could have walked just as fast. Anyway, my heart rate was rarely over 110. My achilles felt MUCH better than Thursday or yesterday. I admit that the extra heel lifts had me towering well over my usual height. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dunno where that came from

Saturday: 34 minutes of easy running. Warmed down with the fast runners. Stayed up with the back group. my legs felt strong despite the faster than usual pace.

Sunday email to my buddy Steve:

Small victory today. 60 minute run MAFEVA ( mostly MAF ) at a hair under a ten minute per mile pace.  I averaged 125 which is a good twenty-five beats below 70%. 

Dunno where that came from. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ramped it up

I ramped things up a bit this week running 77 minutes on Tuesday and 70 minutes on Thursday. Tom and Danny were here both days. We kept the pace MAF-like and Tom admitted that he was feeling stronger. At our age low heart rate = better recovery.

At the end of Thursday's workout Danny and I ran 3 x 200.

42-40-40 with a 200 meter walk in between. Danny was streaking ahead at 38-37-36. Both of us ran faster for three x than last week's 2 x 400.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sooooo sloooooow

I paced alongside Tom on Saturday. My first club workout in ages. It was all courses day so we ran the 2.75. With warmup and warm down, around 5 miles total. We ran a 9:45 pace. I stayed at or under 70% all the way until Tom kicked at the very end. By the by, 9:45 is 7 flat age graded. So not too bad.

Sunday was 80 minutes of MAF with Dimitri. Sooooo sloooooow, but that's the way it is these days. It was warm out, but my heart rate stayed down regardless.

Thursday, June 04, 2015


Tuesday: Slow easy 70 minute run with Tom. MAF run more than MAFEVA.

Thursday: Slow MAF type of hour run. Tom and Danny. Then for fun we ran 2 x 200. I averaged 42. Danny under 40. We did not push. The goal was fast-relaxed and not too much.