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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Saw orthopedic doctor a week ago Thursday. He sent me in for an MRI on Monday. Results on Wednesday. Turns out I have a wear spot on my right femur where it joins the knee, but towards the back. We decided that rest was the best course. I can walk, but need to stay away from weight bearing exercise. If the inflammation subsides then I'll be able to avoid surgery ( scoping the femur ). Doc recommended 3-4 weeks in addition to the 2 weeks I had already taken off.

The knee is already much improved. Two weeks ago I had to abandon several dawg walks with Lucy due to pain. Now I can walk an hour easily.

Taking the following

Ibuprofen ( inflammation )
Glucosamine ( speculative )

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Knee Issues

Tuesday: BIG DAY ! 60 minutes easy run with Tom in the morning. Came back in the evening and ran another 45 plus minutes with Brian including 8 x 100 fast strides. Some slight knee issues. Need to be careful.

Thursday: 70 minutes with Tom and Danny. My knee didn't bother me. Actually the soreness is right above the knee on the inside. Chiro and massage coming up. Ibuprofen, ice and leg lifts.

Saturday: 45 minutes moving along (for me).  Warmed up with Jeff and warmed down with Todd. My knee which has been adjusted and deep tissue massaged didn't bother me while running. It was a bit sore when I stopped. Iced when I got home.

Sunday: ran an hour. Knee or lower quad tightened up big time. I've decided to rest it and just walk for a week or two. I'm going to see an orthopedic doctor ( the same one who scoped my knee back in 2012 ).

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Easy week

Tuesday: 70 minute chiller with Tom ( Danny had an excused absence....again ). Double gloves and ski cap. Campus and roads. My legs felt good. The pace was slow.

Thursday: Another 70 minute at an easy pace. Danny showed up so we're all present and accounted for.

Saturday: 45 minutes easy running with Tom. Low 40's.

Sunday: 75 minutes easy running with Dimitri.

Rain coming in next week!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Never ran in Santa Cruz

Tuesday: The return of Danny. We ran 60 minutes together. I was happy to run slowly. Drizzle. No wind. Quiet morning at the college. Good recovery run.

Thursday: 70 minutes with Tom. Supposed to rain, but it never really did. Cool and drizzle. Coffee afterwards.

Drove over to Santa Cruz that afternoon.

Saturday: We had to head home from Santa Cruz because the thermostat went on the blitz yesterday afternoon and unfortunately it was pretty cold in the house. I hadn't run today so I decided to go out and do my local 3.5 mile course at 68-70% of Max. A few months ago I ran it in just over 34 minutes at the same heart rate. It's kinda rolling with a nice hill coming back towards the end. So two and half miles slight rolling and flat and one mile of down or up hill.

Today I ran it in 30:11 or a 8:37 pace. 

Look! I don't train at a 8:37 pace. At least not in recently memory and certainly not at 70%. The course has been GPS measured so it could be short. I guess the fact that it 12% faster than two months ago is significant enough. 

I was going to add in another easy calorie burning mile afterwards but then I thought. You've had a great run. Stop now!

Sunday: Very easy 70 minute run with walk breaks every ten minutes. Lucy joined me for the first 25 minutes. Cool (low 30's) windless conditions. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

I think I'm a miler

Tuesday and Thursday: 70 minutes both days running off Tom's shoulder. Both days were clear and cold.

Saturday: easy 35 minute run. Drizzle.

Sunday: 60 minutes of easy running with some strides at the end. Then ran 3 x .33 mile at 2:12-07-07. Half tennis court loop (.33) walk jog in between.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Tuesday: Tom and I ran 70 minutes slow (Hey, I'm recovering here). We GPS measured Sunday's AT run course. Looks like 2.3 is too far. Closer to 2.21.

Thursday: Tom was headed back east. Danny was sick so I ran 65 minutes at 130-140 heart rate. Felt good throughout.

Saturday: 30 minutes job including warm down loop with the serious runners.

Sunday: rain and wind!!!☔️☔️ Dimitri and I ran 70 minutes around the gym buildings at WVC. The overhangs kept us dry. Got wet going back to the car, so no avoiding it.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Tempo flies

Tuesday and Thursday: 70 minutes each day. Clear and cold on Tuesday. Windy and warmer on Thursday. Rain was coming Thursday in. but we avoided getting wet.

Saturday: 35 minutes jogging. Ran and talked with Brian.

Sunday: Ran a 7:48 pace for a 2.3 mile tempo effort. 17:55!

It was a 85-90% heart rate run. Got off fast and tried to work my heart rate up into range quickly and then hold it. The first 3/4ths of a mile was rolling and hilly and the last half mile was gradual uphill. Gradual downhill or flat in the middle.

35 minute easy warmup before and a ten minute easy warm down.