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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cold Mornings

Tuesday: Tom and I ran several campus loops and then did Peach Hill ( the hill that never ends ). 74 minutes in all. Have to admit that I felt strong. Heart rate was in the 130-140 range going uphill. Hit 70% towards the end of the run.

Thursday: 69 minutes. Cool, crisp, slight breeze. Did double Black Berry Farm Trail with a loop around Deep Cliff's parking lot to add another five minutes. 35 minutes on the first out and back with Lucy in tow. Second out and back included Deep Cliff and totaled 34 minutes with a half mile further.
Ran naked (as in no HRM). Once again: Felt strong.

Saturday: 45 minute easy, so slow jog. High 30's. No wind. Bright sunshine.

Sunday: 84 minutes (long day). Cold morning. 20 minute jog with Lucy followed by and hour slog with Tom and Dimitri. Finale was 5 x 200 in 48 (200 walk). Kept the 200's at a very controlled effort. Did not push.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Another Douglas 9

Tuesday: Strong 70 minute run with Tom. 130-140.

Thursday: Same as Tuesday, but my heart rate was 125-135. Ran around campus and did extended Valley Vista. Felt stronger as the run progressed.

Saturday: 38 minute easy run.

Sunday: 30 minute warmup. Progressive tempo: Douglas 9 in 24:31. 10 minute jog. Several strides.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Douglas 9

Tuesday: ran 70 minutes easy with Tom. Clear, sunny, cool.

Thursday: 60 minutes of steady running. Cut trail on the new Douglas 9 course.

Saturday: 50 minutes easy running.

Sunday: 70 minutes of varied running. Tom, Dimitri and I ran the Saratoga 9 course at a good pace.  Ended up coming in strong. All out for Tom. Then Dimitri and I ran 2 x downhill 400's. 1:38-1:36.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Five day running week

Monday: Ran an easy 31 minutes this afternoon with Lucy in tow. Usually take Monday's off, but it rained this morning and Lucy and I didn't get out for our walk. We did our 55 walk in 31 minutes plus got a chance to chat with Oscar, one of the park maintenance crew who has become a friend.

Lucy was zonked. Went to her bed early.

Tuesday: Ultra slow 70 minute run with Tom. Only a few walk breaks. Did I say how slow we ran? ��

Thursday: redux of Tuesday. Danny missed both days. Made breakfast on Thursday.

Saturday: 46 minutes naked ( no HRM ). Ran around WVC while the club did its workout.

Sunday: 75 minutes with 6 x 400 towards the end. Up and down the tennis court loop. Jog in between. Kept my effort at 80-85%.

Sunday, November 01, 2015


Tuesday: Ran true MAFEVA today. Started out very slowly ( MAF ) and gradually worked into EVA. Lazy but felt good. My buddy who had a minor groin pull told me he couldn't run so he was gonna walk. 

Well, we started together, he walking, me running, and we were shoulder to shoulder. So he tried running at 14 minutes a mile ( YES! ) and felt no pain. After about 20 minutes we were in the 11's and gradually worked into the tens. 

We ended up going 70 minutes.

Thursday: 65 naked minutes. Naked referring to sans HRM. Did a double BB Farm loop out and back. First loop with Lucy. Second by myself. Flying to Scottsdale in several hours.

Friday: Scottsdale. Had every intention of walking but after 5 minutes of that I started to run and pretty much hit the bricks for the next 65 minutes. So back to back runs, no HRM and I felt good. However on Saturday I walked for an hour so that I recovered

Sunday: Decided to run when we got back home. I went out around 1 pm and put in 50 minutes of 140-150 work. Warmish for a guy who runs early, but only in the 70's. I ran down to the Blackberry Farm Trail, repeated the course four times and then ran back to the house.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Slow Week

Tuesday: 70 minutes progression. Started with Tom running 45 minutes easy with walks (4-1). I ran the last 25 minutes alone pushing up into the 135-145 range. Checked pace and found that I was running 9:30's which while woefully slow, age graded to under 7 minutes a mile.

Thursday: 75 minutes super slow. 115-120 heart rate. Tom and Danny rode in the posse.

Saturday: 38 minutes easy running. Tom told me he has a groin pull.

Sunday: 70 minutes very slow. Dimitri back running after tendinitis scare.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A strong week...tired at the end

Tuesday: 65 minutes running. First 20 was walk jog with Tom. The last 45 minutes was 135-145 HR effort. Warm day even in the morning.

Thursday: 70 minutes 135-145. Strong effort.

Saturday: 45 minutes easy running. 130-140.

Sunday: 65 minutes of running. 130-140 with four hill charges. Actually I didn't really charge them as much as I ran them at higher tempo. My legs were slightly tired. Thursday maybe?

My partner in Sunday running, Dimitri is out of action. Sore foot.