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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Running with inserts that normalize my foot strike. Superfeet. Yesterday was the first day of no tweak running. The workout was an hour of 1/2 running and 1/2 walking. I'm going to ease back into regular running over the next week or two and hope the inserts do their job.

The tightness in my upper achilles has lessened considerably.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Calf tweak again on Tuesday. Ended up walking for an hour.

Went to see a podiatrist this morning. We're working through options.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Running through it.

Tuesday: 70 minutes MAFEVA while Tom walked. Danny was AWOL...�� There was a slight hangover from Sunday. Nothing too bad.

Thursday: 70 minutes. Calf tightened up, but I ran through it.

Friday: 20 minutes pain free during a three mile Lucy walk-run.

Sunday: very easy 70 minutes. (((Hot))). First 14 minutes with Lucy.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Getting back to normal

Tuesday: Tom ( Sciatica ) called in sick. Danny showed up on time and we ran for just over an hour. Very slow run. My legs were tired from Sunday. I ran 14 minutes with Lucy beforehand during our walk. 75 minutes total.

Thursday: 70 minutes easy. My legs felt better today. Danny ran with me and Tom continued to walk.

Saturday: 30 minutes of easy jogging.

Sunday: Ran 15 minutes with Lucy as part of a longer walk. Then I drove over to WVC and jogged really slow for 25 minutes with Dimitri. Dropped down to the track and ran 6 x 400 @AT followed by a another really slow job of 20 minutes.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Back on plan

Okay, I finally am back on plan. I ran MAFEVA both Tuesday and Thursday keeping my heart rate in 120-130 range for the most part. I've been extra-hydrating and so far my right leg hasn't bothered me. The jury is still out on whether my on again, off again leg issues are cramps and not tweaks.

It's been a heater this week. We started a half hour earlier, but it was still HOT!

80 minutes Tuesday

75 minutes Thursday

Tom walked both days. Sciatica!!!!!

Sunday was test day. I wanted to find out that if I put a load on my legs, my right calf would hold up.

I ran 10 minutes with Lucy, did a 30 minute warmup with Dimitri and then ran 8 x 400 at just under an eight pace ( 200 walk recovery ). 10 minute easy warm down.

The 400's ended up being a 80% of max effort. So, sub-tempo.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rehab Week

Tuesday and Thursday: both easy 60 minute runs. Rehabbing the right leg ( which is feeling okay ).

Friday: three miles of walking and running with Lucy. 23 minutes was spent running. New world best for Lucy.

Saturday: 40 minute easy jog.

Sunday: 80 minutes of easy jogging.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dissapearing Danny

Tuesday: 70 minute run with Tom and dissapearing Danny. I mean it. We're coming back by where the cars are parked and suddenly Danny says "I gotta go". Meaning leave. Of course his spouse is there so no doubt it was preplanned.

Bought Tonic water to see if it will help calf cramps. Dunno. It has quinine. Also received magnesium oil in the mail. Used it Thursday morning after my blitz water conserving shower.

Wednesday: 45 minute walk with Lucy. Threw in 18 minutes of running.

Thursday: 70 minutes with Tom. Danny walked today. He was beat up from yard work.

Saturday: 52 minutes mostly on the track. Calf cramped, but I ran through it. Second Saturday in a row for this kind of thing.

Sunday: 70 minutes of very slow running. As usual the calf issues disappeared as silently as it came upon me. Dimitri, who has no problem with slow and low (track) ran an easy pace alongside me.