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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting used to getting faster


I got up early and ran 65 minutes. It was all slow. I felt tired and a bit washed out. I feel like I am fighting off some sort of flu bug. The weather has turned. Low 40's but windless. I wore a ski cap and gloves. I probably could have worn tights. My legs were cold. Blocks of granite. Not good for running. However, I am very skilled at slowing down to whatever pace allows me to complete the workout.

I am beginning to realize that I am running on empty. It seems that I am either fighting off a cold or the flu and it is taking its toll. So far I have not come down sick so that is good news. I am going to back off for the next week or two and shorten my runs back to 45-50 minutes and keep them slow until I feel right again. Work isn't helping. Yes, I am still there. Despite all my bluster I am hanging in (by my neck). But I did meet with my boss and tell her that there needs to be an end date. Right now it looks like April of 2010.

Frankly, knowing that it gets deadly quiet between Thanksgiving and New Year, I may be able to squeak through but I am getting tired of just squeaking through.


I ran 50 minutes at lunch today. It was in the low 60's, sunny and with a slight quartering wind. For the first time in about a year I wore my HRM. I sailed along in the high 120's and low 130's for about the half the run and then picked it up so I was running in the low to mid 140's the rest of the way. The run felt good. Of course I am not so sure that mid to high 140's are 70% of max anymore. I will have to find out if I continue to use it.


I met Jake over at Forbes in the morning and ran 50 minutes at an easy effort. Cutting back my running was a good idea. I am beginning to feel stronger again. I may have had a bug but I also exacerbated things last week by running a semi-hard effort on Thursday and coming back with 200's on Saturday. Jake ran hard last Thursday and then added in an extra 6 miles that evening. He told me that he wasn't right for a whole week. The message is clear.

Pick your day and make that your hard effort. The rest of your training days need to be easy.


It threatened to be cold in the morning so I settled for a 15 minute shakedown run and met D at 1:30 PM at Gunn High School for our regular workout. We warmed up for 20 minutes and did a few striders.

The workout was a new one for me. 3 sets of 300-200 with an equal walk-jog afterward. The goal was to do the 300's in 63-64 and the 200's in around 40. It was sunny and cool with a slight breeze but the track was dead empty. We took off and ran the first 300 in a hair under 65. Then we walked 100 meters and jogged 200 meters launching into a 200 in 40 flat. The next set was 62-38. Much faster plus I felt much stronger. The last set was 61-37 with a sub 18 last 100. I jogged down for 10 minutes while D ripped off a 61 second 400 followed by a 46 second 300. So a good day for both of us.

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