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Thursday, November 22, 2012


I had meniscus surgery a week ago. The surgeon took out about 10-15% of the meniscus cartilage in my right knee. I was up and walking right after the operation. My son and I drove to a Starbucks and I picked up a coffee and a scone. No pain until the painkillers wore off that evening but 3 Aleve and a shot of whiskey (call it the big NO NO) took the edge off the discomfort and by the next day I was fine. Knee was stiff, tight and swollen but I could hobble. The next day after that, I could walk around and two days later I was walking the dog.I am walking 60-70 minutes now. No running until January 2013. Doc said 3-4 weeks but I have decided to make sure I am totally healed up.

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