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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Time trial postponed

Saturday: easy 30 minute run. Cut back for time trial on Sunday.



My buddy and I are jogging to the start of the time trial course and suddenly we stop because a giant tree has fallen across the path ON THE COURSE totally blocking it about 400 meters in.

Soooo, we jogged over to the local high school track and ran 3000 meters of 350 at AT effort and 50 meters of walking. The wind had kicked up, but surprisingly the 350's were at 6:40-50 pace. Even with the 50 meter walk breaks the 3000 was faster than my last AT effort 3000 of 2-3 weeks ago. 

Anyway, hopefully they get the tree cleared and we'll go for it again in several weeks. 

Sunday was a 70 minute total workout...

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