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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Indian Wells

I took Thursday off. We traveled to Indian Wells for a short vacation. Way too hot (90's) to run by the time we arrived at the hotel. The next morning I walked for an hour BECAUSE I FORGOT TO PACK RUNNING SHORTS! Drove over to a sports store and bought a pair before lunch.

On Saturday I actually got out for a run. The weather had cooled of significantly (60's) and not humid. I ran 50 minutes through the concrete sidewalks and streets of the town. I kept to a 4-1 run-walk pattern and did okay. Probably haven't been eating enough carbs and I felt that a bit but slow running evens out lack of energy.

Indian Wells is not a runners town. It's a golfer's town. If runners were allowed on the links, all would be different.

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