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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Ran an easy 35 minutes on Saturday. Kept it low key because Sunday was gonna be hard tempo.

Sunday: warmed up for 20 minutes and did strides. Then ran 3000 meter Blackberry Farm course.

New PR of 14:20.

D was shoulder to shoulder with me. The run wasn't easy. Wasn't race-like either. More like 92-95% of operational max heart rate. My heart rate was at 170 within 200 meters so I'm beginning to think, hmmmmmmm.....maybe 185 is not my max. On the way back my heart rate was 175-177. By a half mile to go it was flickering at 179. Over the last 800 meters I saw 181-183. I was leg weary but could still talk.

I think my max is closer to 190. I think I'm getting more proficient at higher heart rates. Last year running 168-170 was tougher than 172-75 was today.

After the 3000 we did a slow 30 minute plus jog.

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