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Sunday, May 31, 2015


35 minute easy run.


Ran a not very flat 2.75 mile AT run this morning. The last mile is a long gradual uphill. My longest AT to date. I was figuring 22's or 23's at 88-92%. 

I hit 22:54 which is in range, but I had a tough time getting my heart rate up above 165 through most of the run. That usually means body tired. My heart rate finally climbed above 165 over that long last mile. It went to 90% on the last bump of the last hill and stayed there all the way in. 

It wasn't too warm (60's), but it felt humid.

20 minute warmup and 17 minute warm down. So a tick under an hour of running.

Dimitri ran alongside of me throughout. 

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