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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kept it slow

Tuesday: Another sixty minute run. Danny was late but showed long enough to get in a half hour.

Thursday: Sixty ( yawn ) minutes. Danny ran late again but we still had a great time yaking and jawing.

I kept it slow both days but then what else is new. No AC problems to speak off. Achilles down south in the cord was tender. Might be the inserts or just the usual wear and tear. Capsaicin, ice and taping should help.

Saturday: 40 minutes easy while the club workout was going on.

Sunday: Dimitrios and I met a half hour early to avoid the heat (it's supposed to get to triple digits today). I ran ten minutes ahead of time. I did 68 minutes slow jogging throughout. Our pace was slower than cold pancakes.

Achilles (down south) seemed better.

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