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Monday, November 02, 2015

Five day running week

Monday: Ran an easy 31 minutes this afternoon with Lucy in tow. Usually take Monday's off, but it rained this morning and Lucy and I didn't get out for our walk. We did our 55 walk in 31 minutes plus got a chance to chat with Oscar, one of the park maintenance crew who has become a friend.

Lucy was zonked. Went to her bed early.

Tuesday: Ultra slow 70 minute run with Tom. Only a few walk breaks. Did I say how slow we ran? 😃

Thursday: redux of Tuesday. Danny missed both days. Made breakfast on Thursday.

Saturday: 46 minutes naked ( no HRM ). Ran around WVC while the club did its workout.

Sunday: 75 minutes with 6 x 400 towards the end. Up and down the tennis court loop. Jog in between. Kept my effort at 80-85%.

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