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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cold Mornings

Tuesday: Tom and I ran several campus loops and then did Peach Hill ( the hill that never ends ). 74 minutes in all. Have to admit that I felt strong. Heart rate was in the 130-140 range going uphill. Hit 70% towards the end of the run.

Thursday: 69 minutes. Cool, crisp, slight breeze. Did double Black Berry Farm Trail with a loop around Deep Cliff's parking lot to add another five minutes. 35 minutes on the first out and back with Lucy in tow. Second out and back included Deep Cliff and totaled 34 minutes with a half mile further.
Ran naked (as in no HRM). Once again: Felt strong.

Saturday: 45 minute easy, so slow jog. High 30's. No wind. Bright sunshine.

Sunday: 84 minutes (long day). Cold morning. 20 minute jog with Lucy followed by and hour slog with Tom and Dimitri. Finale was 5 x 200 in 48 (200 walk). Kept the 200's at a very controlled effort. Did not push.

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