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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Knee Issues

Tuesday: BIG DAY ! 60 minutes easy run with Tom in the morning. Came back in the evening and ran another 45 plus minutes with Brian including 8 x 100 fast strides. Some slight knee issues. Need to be careful.

Thursday: 70 minutes with Tom and Danny. My knee didn't bother me. Actually the soreness is right above the knee on the inside. Chiro and massage coming up. Ibuprofen, ice and leg lifts.

Saturday: 45 minutes moving along (for me).  Warmed up with Jeff and warmed down with Todd. My knee which has been adjusted and deep tissue massaged didn't bother me while running. It was a bit sore when I stopped. Iced when I got home.

Sunday: ran an hour. Knee or lower quad tightened up big time. I've decided to rest it and just walk for a week or two. I'm going to see an orthopedic doctor ( the same one who scoped my knee back in 2012 ).

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