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Sunday, July 07, 2013

82 minutes

I am nursing a slightly sore right achilles and a bothersome right knee issue. The good news is that neither seems to keep me from running. Actually the achilles was not even a bother today. The knee is out of whack though it only bothers me in the first few minutes of a run and then pretty much goes away. No sharp pain but I can feel it.

I am sure it is a result of the fall I took 2.5 weeks ago.

I am Advilling and icing it.

I didn't expect to be able to my usual Sunday long run but I did a five minute test around my neighborhood and everything seemed good to go so I went.

Dimitri and I ran the usual....

Foothill College to Palo Alto Park (hills and all) and back. 77 easy minutes. 44 minutes up, 33 minutes back.

The weather was mild and my legs felt okay.

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