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Friday, July 05, 2013

Lonely Progression Run

Dropped by Los Altos Fitness (the new name for Shawsu) and did a progression run on the treadmill. I had the place to myself. 2:30 PM and it was virtually empty.

I started out at a ten minute mile effort and ratcheted the speed up every five minutes until I was down to a  8:27 pace at the end. That's a 6:15 age graded. I shut things down at 30 minutes. I was actually okay. Not struggling, just running sub tempo.

My right knee was a tiny bit sore when I started running today. It was sore on Tuesday and Thursday too but both times the soreness went away after a few minutes. Same today. It doesn't feel anything like when I tore the meniscus last year but it is "there" non-the-less so I am monitoring it.

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