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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fastest yet

Met Tom and Danny over at WVC to run threshold reps. We decided to do 10x400. The same workout I did Sunday with two differences.

1. It was cooler

2. We did the reps on the tennis court loop which meant a fast 400 with a net down followed by a not so fast 400 with a net up.

My legs were stiff during the jog warmup and didn't feel that great on the first 3 reps. But the times were there from the beginning and the recovery during the 200 walk was good too. Then it got better. After the first one, Danny and I consistently nailed 146-147's going down and up. My HR stayed in the 80-90% range. The last one was a hair trigger under 144. I averaged 1:47 which is a 7:08 pace.

Fastest yet!

Well, at least for this program.  Now if I could ever get the 800's and 1000's down to that pace, I might even try a club workout or two. At best it's a long shot.

Tom did okay too. He's not in good condition and is working his way back. Averaged in the low 8's. He'll be back up with us if he can stay healthy.

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