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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rehabbing in a minor key

Tuesday: I slogged an easy 70 minutes once again mostly on the track but I did do a loop or two (walking the short hills). My upper Achilles was sore from Monday's massage, but there was no tightness. The last 30 minutes were totally symptom free.

Thursday: 70 minutes of soooooooo-sloooooooooow with Tom and Danny. No soreness. HR down under 120 most of the run.

Saturday: 60 minutes of MAF running. More really low heart rate stuff. 99% on the track. No tightness or pain. The club ran the mile. I watched.

Sunday: 90 minute run from my house with a climb up to Steven Creek Reservoir thrown in to test the achilles.  Dimitri joined me. We both enjoyed the run. Roads, trails and paths. So varied surfaces.

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