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Friday, June 19, 2015

The high cost of speed

Tuesday: Ran 60 minutes sandwiching in 3 x 200 fast strides. 43-40-40.  I felt clumsy on the first one but then things came together. Danny ran 4-5 seconds faster on each one. I stayed away of pressing the pace. I'll just get injured.

Tom wisely stuck to low heart rate work.

Thursday: I felt good after several nights of excellent sleep. I was running along at about 40 minutes when my right achilles started to act up. I dropped to the track (as in flat) to finish up. Got in 57 minutes. When I got home I wrapped my foot, iced and used capsaicin. Put an extra heel lift in each shoe.

Friday: Achilles feels better. 200's that fast???? Lesson learned.

Saturday: Walked and ran for a half hour. I stayed down on the track and kept things easy. My achilles tightened up a bit, several times but was no worse for wear at the end. Every time it bothered me I walked. Then I'd run again and so on.

Sunday: Slow...SLOW...SLOW 60 minute run run. Most of this effort was done on the WVC Track at the lower end of MAF. I could have walked just as fast. Anyway, my heart rate was rarely over 110. My achilles felt MUCH better than Thursday or yesterday. I admit that the extra heel lifts had me towering well over my usual height. 

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