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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Covering the bases

Tuesday: 73 minute easy MAFEVA run with Tom and Danny.

Wednesday: 2 miles ++ Dawg walk with Lucy. 15 x 1 minute jogs

Thursday: 65 minutes of 120-130 heart rate. Tom and Danny. Cool but a bit humid.

Saturday: 20 minute warmup. Ran 2.75 with Tom in 26:24. 8 minute ++ easy jog afterwards. High achilles cramp during the 2.75. I was able to run through it.

Sunday: 70 minutes mostly running. Did two loops of the Blackberry Farm Trail. The first with Lucy in 38 minutes ( plenty of walks ). The second by myself in 32 minutes ( less walks ). No problem with achilles, but I put in an extra heel lift on both shoes and stayed flat as much as possible. Back on magnesium. Gotta cover the bases.

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