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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whoa (not woe) to the aging slogger

In 1990 I struggled with the fact that my body no longer was responding to every day running. In late 1990 I shifted to every other day training and within six months my racing times came back down rather sharply.

I may be facing another of those shifts. I now run 4 days a week and I have really become a slogger which in my mind is one step below a jogger. It is age and time on legs. I get that. Adding in more running and more time on my legs won't work. I know that from experience.

I am thinking of going to a 3 day running week and maybe another day or two of walking. Of course I will have to slap the HRM back on and test myself to see if I improve. I will also shift my calculated max down to 190. It may be higher but my guess s that it is no longer 195. What I am trying to elicit is a training response.

So 190 will be my max.

176 will be 90%

148 will be 70%

The goal is to become a jogger again. Per chance an age group runner. The quintessential 8-8 or 9-7 team (in NFL terms). Right now 2008 has been a 4-12 year. Maybe even 3-13.

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