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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Back on plan

Okay, I finally am back on plan. I ran MAFEVA both Tuesday and Thursday keeping my heart rate in 120-130 range for the most part. I've been extra-hydrating and so far my right leg hasn't bothered me. The jury is still out on whether my on again, off again leg issues are cramps and not tweaks.

It's been a heater this week. We started a half hour earlier, but it was still HOT!

80 minutes Tuesday

75 minutes Thursday

Tom walked both days. Sciatica!!!!!

Sunday was test day. I wanted to find out that if I put a load on my legs, my right calf would hold up.

I ran 10 minutes with Lucy, did a 30 minute warmup with Dimitri and then ran 8 x 400 at just under an eight pace ( 200 walk recovery ). 10 minute easy warm down.

The 400's ended up being a 80% of max effort. So, sub-tempo.

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