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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Never ran in Santa Cruz

Tuesday: The return of Danny. We ran 60 minutes together. I was happy to run slowly. Drizzle. No wind. Quiet morning at the college. Good recovery run.

Thursday: 70 minutes with Tom. Supposed to rain, but it never really did. Cool and drizzle. Coffee afterwards.

Drove over to Santa Cruz that afternoon.

Saturday: We had to head home from Santa Cruz because the thermostat went on the blitz yesterday afternoon and unfortunately it was pretty cold in the house. I hadn't run today so I decided to go out and do my local 3.5 mile course at 68-70% of Max. A few months ago I ran it in just over 34 minutes at the same heart rate. It's kinda rolling with a nice hill coming back towards the end. So two and half miles slight rolling and flat and one mile of down or up hill.

Today I ran it in 30:11 or a 8:37 pace. 

Look! I don't train at a 8:37 pace. At least not in recently memory and certainly not at 70%. The course has been GPS measured so it could be short. I guess the fact that it 12% faster than two months ago is significant enough. 

I was going to add in another easy calorie burning mile afterwards but then I thought. You've had a great run. Stop now!

Sunday: Very easy 70 minute run with walk breaks every ten minutes. Lucy joined me for the first 25 minutes. Cool (low 30's) windless conditions. 

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