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Sunday, April 01, 2012


The rain went away over night and I was greeted by really clear skies but also a quartering head wind coming from north-northwest. But I was really ready to run after two days off. I ran the neighborhood and then drove over to Foothill College and ran some more. Dimitri joined me (still nursing his plantar Fascia issue). I kept jogging easy but I admit that my legs felt great! I capped things off by running 5 x 100 meters (walking back for recovery). I made sure the wind was at my back. It had calmed down quite a bit but I still wanted the push if I could get it.

I ran all of them in the 17's. No hard running. Just striding through. Two seconds faster than last week. The wind must have helped but no two seconds worth. I even tried to slow down on the last two but still nailed 17's.

It must of been a very green run. Wind powered.

About 65 minutes of total running.

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