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Thursday, April 12, 2012

60 minute test run

Seventy minutes of 70% running over at WVC this morning. Tom kept me company. We were trying to see how far we could go in an hour at 70% of max heart rate. To give us a decent chance of going further than the last test several weeks back, we ran a combo of tennis court loops and laps around the track. I felt strong and for the first 15 minutes my HR stayed in the 130's so I thought we had it nailed (but alas we didn't). The run degenerated into a struggle to keep my HR from going over 70%. From the half way point on, I could feel that today wasn't my day. I kept having to cut back on pace to maintain heart rate. And yet I never was in any sort of distress.

The pace was the pace...

The rate was the rate.

Ended up with 6.28 miles and that's rounding up. Tom told me later that we were at 3.5 miles at the halfway point but dropped off sharply after that. So maybe we went out too hard. It certainly was cool enough. No wind to speak of.

There will be another day. Dum de dum dum!

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