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Saturday, April 28, 2012

65 minutes

I doubled today running 30 minutes over at WVC while club ran their road run. Then I went to Foothill in the early afternoon running another 35 minutes. I finished off with a track workout. D was there to both jog and time me. 2 x 100 in the 17's. This was fine but I expected at least one of them to be in the 16's. I then ran 300 in 56. I was a bit disappointed. I had hoped for a 55 but there was a headwind down the stretch and it slowed me down. Of course it might have also helped the first part of the run. Who knows? I decided to finish on a positive note ( for me ) and tore off a low 16 second 100. Felt very strong doing it. I realized that I should have gotten out faster during the first part of the 300.

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