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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Double Day

Double day. Morning and a early afternoon workout. I ran a very easy 45 minutes at WVC this morning. Obviously it's going to be another hot day. I have already committed myself to running at 1 pm over at Foothill Track. It'll be in the 80's. The workout will be shorter and include some strides and maybe a rep or two. My plan is to get in and out relatively quickly.

Later on that same day.....

Okay, now it is hours later and the workout is over. It was hot. I am sure it was in the low 80's but on the track it was much hotter. I jogged another 21 minutes with D and then did some warm up strides. I felt pretty loose but then the warm weather tends to make you feel pretty loose.

I ran two x 100 in 17-16.  I then walked to the far turn and blasted off a 200 coming through the first 100 in around 18 and finishing with a 17 down the stretch. 35 seconds with some change. I walked a lap and called it a day.

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