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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too Slow 70

Ran over at WVC with Danny and Tom. I was still feeling the effects of yesterday evening's 3 x 400 workout. Danny, Tom and I ran slow. I thing Tom went a bit bizerk with the too slow pace. My HRM never topped 130 during the whole run.  It was the usual 70 minutes total but I doubt it was seven miles. Both my buddies are gone on vacation next week but Jake joined us for breakfast and said he would meet me to run over at Forbes.

Had a great lunch with Bob Anderson. He is on his crusade to run 50 races, 350 miles and a sub seven pace. He's 23 races in. He has slowly built up an 8 minutes cushion. At age 64 this is quite an accomplishment. Sub seven is like 5:24 at age 30. Just to give it some perspective.

Bob and his son Michael

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