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Saturday, June 02, 2012

55 minute social

Socialized my way through  55 minutes of running over at WVC.  This will be my second week of running 5 days if I get in a run on Sunday. Why am I running 5 days? Because there are two ways to drop weight. Cut calories or increase running and eat the same (or pretty much the same).. I don't want to do doubles so I have decided to run 5 days. This will get me up around 28-30 mpw. Nothing that big  but more than I have been running over the past few years. The last two weeks have been another lesson in "hurt" management. My left knee was bothering me. Then my right ankle. Big Bill adjusted my knee and that has been better. I iced and taped my right ankle and have been able to run without discomfort.

I talked to Tim Rostege today. At 72 he is slogging his way back into shape. We both have well over 100K on our legs. As Tim said, "It wasn't getting to 100,000 that was tough. The last 4,000 after that has been tough."

This is what 98, 304 pennies look like. There are days when my legs feel like 98,304 pennies.
This equals two cubic feet. In my case it equals two legs.


Ninety-eight thousand three hundred and four Pennies
[ Two cubic feet ]

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