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Saturday, June 23, 2012

AT Run

I decided to run Valle Vista with the club today. I had things to do today so running early was a good option. I haven't run anything approaching AT since May of 2011. I was realistic enough to hope to break 25 minute for the hilly 3 mile course. It roughly translates to 5k on the flats. I did a twenty minute easy warmup. The race itself went off as expected. The first mile is mostly uphill. My goal was to run 85-90% but my heart rate was rarely over 80% going up the hill. It felt odd to be running anything sustained. It had just been too long since doing anything resembling AT effort. Once I leveled off my HR gradually floated up towards 85% and frankly I decided to keep it at this level until I hit the downhill. I glanced at my watch around the two mile point. It was over 17 minutes. An all time PW ( personal worst ). I kept the effort going back down to the college and crossed in 24:36. About what I expected. Just like in the past, Tom's all out effort was faster than my AT. HE RAN 24:12. Tom and I jogged around campus for another 17 minutes. My total was 61 minutes and change. I didn't sleep well last night and frankly have not been sawing Z's like I prefer for the last week or two. For a retired guy, I ought to be sleeping like a puppy dog. Several things I have decided. 1. I am going to a three day running week. No big extra mileage. 60-90 minutes. I have been thinking about this for some time. Galloway recommends it and I think he is right. 2. I'll walk two other days. 60-90 minutes. 3. I get injured doing fast reps so I am going back to AT-Threshold work. I seem to tolerate it better. I'll test my AT every 3-4 weeks. I am not used to AT so I'll work at getting efficient running in the 85-90% range. If things work my AT will get faster. If not, then I'll continue as secret jogger.

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