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Saturday, June 16, 2012

An hour with some pacing

WVC again. Ran the campus and track for an hour while the club did all courses day (meaning that the runners could race any of the road courses that are normally run during the year).

Danielle (I am coaching her) went to the track to run 2 x 800 in 3:05. I told her I would take her through the first lap at pace plus. I wanted her to run negative splits. On the first one we went through in 96 and she ran the next 400 in 82. After jogging around we did a second one. I took her through slightly faster hitting the 400 in 94. She ran an 84 on the second lap to ace a 2:58. We jogged a campus loop after.

Each time we hit 400 during the 800 meter reps, I thought about going on but decided not to. I doubt I could have matched her speed and frankly I was only too happy to just step aside. 94-96 felt easy enough after months of besieging 80 seconds.

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