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Sunday, March 24, 2013

So you're "actually" running

Joined Dimitri over at Foothill. We ran our usual easy pace up Moody Road and back. We were close to the end of the run when I saw Bill and Bob hauling ass down the road so we stopped and chatted for a bit.

"So you're actually running," Bob jested. I have bailed on running with Bob since early last year. Mostly we walk to and from lunches together. Between being just plain beat up and having knee surgery last November, it has been a long road back. In the old days running with the Bob's and Bill's would have been critical to competitive in races. That's exactly what I did back in the mid 1970's.  These days I don't trust my body (or mind) to stand up to the stress I put it through for almost 25 years.

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