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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Threshold Workout

I was planning to go up and run the DSE race in San Francisco but Shel called in sick last night so I decide to go to WVC and do a 1,000 meter threshold workout. It was overcast and windy and it was a heck of a lot further than I have gone so far since beginning this latest program.

Warmed up for 20 minutes
4 x .66 (5:07-12-10-09) at 85-90% of max. 2 minute recovery between reps.
warmed down for 10 minutes.

I averaged 7:48 for the workout. A looooong way from where I want to be. I ran it alone which made it mentally tougher than it had to be. I saw the HRM flicker at 175-76 once which means my operational max may be higher than I am judging it to be. Mostly, I stayed in the 167-173 range which is AT.

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