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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blondes and brunettes

I know that this log is often repetitive. But that is what running is. Constant repetition and hammering day after day or in my case every other day to stay in some sort of shape. The only logs that contain my racing accomplishments reside in hand written log books and calendars that are in a box in the garage. At some future date someone will toss them out because they are really of little value to anyone but me and I rarely if ever read them. With that in mind, I take pen in hand.... Right.....cough...cough... Okay, keyboard in hand and share with whomever reads this, that I ran 70 minutes in the fog this morning, an hour of it with my buddy Danny. The tall blond was back tattooing her own pattern on the track. There was also a tall brunette running in lane five who almost ran us down (we were in her lane after all).

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