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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweating our way to the park

Another warm day. I walked Lucy early so she could avoid the heat but by the time of my run it was out there waiting for me. Dimitri and I did a run up to Foothill-Palo Alto Park again. Luckily much of the road and trail were shaded and there was water waiting for us up by the entrance to the park. We came back and hit the college in 75 minutes. I had an extra five minute shakedown at the house so 80 minutes altogether. It took me a long time to stop sweating. My running kit was soaked.

We ended up sitting inside Starbucks and sucked in the air-conditioning.

At the next table was a woman with five kids. All very young. They were swarming the section where we were seated. I had to admit, they all looked like her. Our very own cinco-mom.  Where the heck was the father? Probably out playing golf.

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