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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Redux nd long run

With Dimitri out of town, I decided to do a redux and run in Cupertino starting from my own house ( oh no! ). I ran over to De Anza ( the ever closed track ) to finally see that it was open after its remodel job. It looked pretty nice but my west side hill is gone. Oh there's a remnant but its not runnable. Sniff, sniff.  After doing some super loops I returned home via McClellan Ranch and Blackberry Farm. 72 heart monitored minutes altogether. Stayed in the 130's for the most part but watched my HR crawl up to the low 140's in the latter stages.

It was all good. My legs felt okay and I was able to move along. Don't ask me at what pace. I have no idea.

I got home, hydrated ( let's hydrate ) and then took Lucy out for a half hour jaunt.

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