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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Thursday and Saturday

Thursday was the same ole 60 minute run flavored with 8 x 100 strides. Trying to fire up the old spark plugs. Tom and I ran our hundreds in around 24. Doesn't seem that quick but it's faster than our training runs. It's all relative and for me, very conservative. If I were doing them alone, I would be hammering 18's to 20's. Nice but frankly overtraining these days.

Tom wanted to break 8 for the mile ( Yes, the mighty have fallen ). So I agreed to pace him through the first lap at an 8 pace so he didn't  go out too fast.

On Saturday I did just that taking him through in 2 minutes flat with a pre race recommendation that he stay at that pace though three laps and blast the last quarter. He did that too running 7:47.

I got in a total of 30 minutes easy running.

By the way, some of my eight pace stuff must be paying off. 2 minutes felt really easy.

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