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Sunday, October 27, 2013

81 minutes

Overcast and cool morning. Dimitri and I running the long hill from Foothill College to the park and back. It took a long time to climb into the sun. We took our friggin ease getting up to the halfway point. Two minutes slower than last time. No guard at the shack like there was all summer so no one to stop us from rootin' around the trails if we'd been of a mind to do so. But like cowards we turned back dropping down the same trail with urgency until we hit Moody and ran in like real athletes.

81 minutes. 48 up and out, 33 down and back.

Saw Jimmy and his wife in the parking lot. We chatted a bit. Then a coffee and a power bar recovery tango. Came home hungrier than ever and scarfed da bagel and yogurt.

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