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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Cashed it in

Not feeling that hot. Ran 30 minutes on Saturday and another 50 minutes on Sunday. Feeling lethargic and I seem to have a slightly upset stomach. I was going to run a time trial 800 Sunday but after warming up I (((knew))) it was not my day so I cashed it in. Went for coffee anyway. That and a slice of blueberry cake did the job.

I have been struggling with my running. That has been ongoing for some time. Like in late 1990 when I finally went to an every other day schedule, I know it is way past the time to shift again. I figure three days a week will be enough with walking as cross training. I plan to use the HRM to make sure I don't overtrain even though almost anything constitutes overtraining these days.

So I figure it this way.

3 days of running
Dog walks with Lucy most days
1-2 extended walks of an hour or more to burn calories

Now and then threshold workouts or tempo runs to see if I reverse the slow over the past year. Forget last year. That wasn't so good but it was faster than this year just because of age.

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