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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Peach Hill

It was a full house today. Vince, Danny, Tom and myself. Tom and I ran a couple of college loops and then with Vince and Danny in tow, we ran Peach Hill. I wore my Fitbit off the front of my right hip where it seems to get the best reading. We chugged up Fruitvale, crossed highway 9 and then up (up) into the sidewalk-less neighborhoods of Saratoga. I was kinda dragging at the rear all the way to the top but recovered going back down. When we finished, sans Danny who made a life saving dash to the bathrooms as we re-entered the campus, I had 6 miles and change on my device. Tom's GPS watch had almost exactly the same reading.  The difference was a few 100's.

We were all pretty tired but breakfast and coffee perked us up.

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