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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

All hail S L O W !

Tuesday is getting lazy...

I ran a very easy sixty minutes with Danny. Four minutes run, one minute walk. Is it really running? My HR was very low throughout. It was cool, overcast and we didn't push it. All hail S L O W !

Seriously, the  s l o w e r  I am willing to run on Tuesday the better I run the rest of the week.

By the way, I quietly released my second Foreworld Novella. Shield of Mongetai.

The first book, Sword of a Mongetai,  was in the top three in its category for 16 weeks despite mixed reviews. I got beat up on editing. My bad. I mistakenly uploaded a beta version and didn't catch it for five weeks. I fixed it but once those b a d versions get downloaded you're sort of up the creek.

Kindle Worlds has gone romantic over the past month or so. Hunky romance novels have taken over the territory once held by SciFi and alternative history ( my specialty ). I can't write romance ( and not puke ) so I'll just stick to writing what I care about.

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