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Monday, August 25, 2014


Dimitri's gone so I ran from the house on Sunday after taking Lucy for a walk. Took the low path through Blackberry Farm to McClellan Ranch and then down the road to the lake behind the 7-11. Only problem is that the lake was dry. Totally dry! It's a habitat for ducks and geese ( or was ). Could be the drought or maybe some other reason. Dunno.

I turned back and ran over to the high school track and then back through the Ranch-Farm road. I was just starting up the last hill when I felt a slight soreness on the outer edge of my right calf. I'll call it a tweak.

I immediately shut things down and walked in. Sixty five minutes of mostly running.

First time my calf has tweaked since early 2012.

On Monday I went to see my masseuse at lunchtime and she worked over the leg but good. Yikes! It hurt. A good hurt. She told me that the muscle was ropy.

Tomorrow I stay on the flats, wear my calf compression sleeve, run-walk and see how it goes.

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