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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Desert

I walked for 62 minutes today. It was already in the 80's and it wasn't even 8 AM yet. The heat is oppressive. Amber gave the look. And why aren't you taking me out for my walk? At 12 and half I just can't see subjecting her to this sort of weather. It's no country for old dogs even though she seems in pretty good shape. But that look is still there developed over thousands and thousands of years since her ancestors risked coming inside the ring of fire.

Drove over to Carrows for breakfast. Only Todd and Dimitry were there. We still had a great time chatting things up. Strange though, where were the other dozen or so folks who usually show up?

Turns out that Danny had bled a number of them off for the corporate cup (or thimble as I like to call it these days). It's usually Lock-Mart, SCVAL (whatever that is) and another company who goes about picking up ringers to compete for them. This is dying event like The Holy City Race but somehow like the late Byzantine Empire, it stays alive. I would put a bullet it its head and move on. Danny just laughs when I say something like this but Madelyn would pounce on me with claws out. So if I say something it just with Danny around. Those claw marks take time to heal up.

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