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Saturday, June 28, 2008


I love playing the "if" game.

In this case if I were to come back. I was watching The Roaring Twenties a great old Cagney movie the other day where Panama tells Eddie that they finished out of the money. They weren't going to be on the top anymore. Personally I think my days are over as far as competitive running is concerned. I haven't been in that mindset for 13 years.

Not really.

But anyway.....IF....

I would have to get down to a good fighting weight. Probably 135 pounds. I was never really that skinny even in my best days. Probably closer to 138-142. But 135 would lower that body fat one gains with age.

I would run every other day. Sorry but no contest here. Everyday running wears me out. So I would have to run huge every other day. Huge is probably 10-12 miles. Doubles whenever I needed them.

Heart monitor would rule. I would need to keep this on most of the time so that I didn't over train.

Time trials and tempo over intervals. Intervals rip me up. I liked the program I was on early last year focusing at 1600-2400 and 3200 and working the times down. Of course there is always just running those 3 mile of 5K AT runs that tell me the truth about what shape I am really in.

Racing..ugh. I am not race-fit. That would take getting use to again. Probably a year and an acceptance of the desultory early results. I am not in Kansas anymore. My guess is that I am in poor 5K shape. Several years ago i could still run under 21 minutes (not too bad for a 60 year runner) but I think I have fallen off big time.

And of course understanding that even with all this work there may not be much there anyway.

I would need to keep my mouth shut about this if this is the path I choose. I would have to work into it and see if the commitment is there in any form. DSE races and obscure fun runs would be good places to practice my craft. Run at 85-90% and just get sued to being back in there. later on I could begin to intensify things up into the 90-95% range.

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